Bluetone Telecom is an international communications service provider that began in 2009. For as little as one cent per minute, customers can contact countries all over the world. To learn more, visit,, or

If you are not careful, making an international phone call can cost you hundreds of dollars. However, with advances in smartphones and telecommunications, the right service or calling card can put you in contact with any country around the world for just a few dollars.

When looking for a service, keep a few things in mind. First, find a service with clearly defined rates. Some prepaid cards will take you through so many steps before connecting the call that you will have spent most of your money before even saying a word. Second, be wary of hidden fees. Maintenance and connection fees can be piled on after calls are made, making services much more expensive than they claim to be. Finally, look for a flexible plan. A prepaid card or service that only works between the United States and Canada, for example, is not worth the money.


With Bluetone Telecom, customers can speak with others located in countries around the world for as low as one cent per minute. Recently, Bluetone Telecom expanded its brand by introducing a new calling card service that is available in the United States, Australia, and Canada. Visit,, or for more information.

Prepaid calling plans allow customers to put dollars onto a card and use it to cover predetermined international calling rates in a way that is similar to employing a credit card. However, as international phone services become more popular, prepaid international calling cards are disappearing.

In recent years, the expansion of the international telecommunications industry has been rendering prepaid calling cards obsolete. The trend first was noted as early as 2004 when Skype services started drawing customers away from international carriers. In 2011, international traffic on Skype reached nearly 438 billion minutes, an amount which was roughly three times higher than that of carrier traffic during that same period.