10-25-2012_11-21-32_Blue_Tone.LogoOut of a dedication to providing its customers with an affordable means of connecting with their countries of origin, Bluetone has developed an innovative communication system that currently serves 50,000 users from various ethnic backgrounds throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. Owing in no small part to its multilingual contact center, Bluetone’s customer base continues to grow rapidly. The company offers customer care services in variety of languages, including Albanian, Arabic, Pakistani, Romanian, Filipino, and many others.

With rates starting as low as one cent per minute, Bluetone provides a number of communication solutions with no contracts or monthly fees. The company offers a Direct Dial Landline service, which allows customers to make long distance and international calls of pristine quality from their home phone. Bluetone’s OneTouch Dialing makes placing a call as simple as pushing a single button, and with the MyBlueTone App for the Android phone, Bluetone customers can use one-touch dialing, check invoices, view rates, and pay their bills. The app is free for download via the Google Play Store.

In addition, Bluetone sells calling cards that can be used on any phone, whether it be a cellular, a home, or a pay phone. Customers can also choose a virtual number local to their friends and family so that their loved ones do not incur charges for long distance or international calls. For customers without phones, Bluetone also offers a SoftPhone service, which places calls from any type of computer. Providing all of the benefits of a normal phone, the SoftPhone service can place and receive calls, and take voicemail messages.

To find out more about Bluetone, visit http://www.Btone.us, http://www.Btone.ca, or http://www.Btone.au.


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